A 1-Day Life Transforming Workshop That Will Get You
Connected To and Living Your Dream Life

Trevor Thomas

The Live Your List Lifestyle Workshop

Have you figured out how to live your dream life?

Hello, my name is Robert Evans. Welcome to this very special website inviting you to a very unique and life changing event called "The Live Your List Lifestyle Workshop." Seven years ago I made a big decision in my life to starting living my life through my bucket list, or what I now call my "Life List." This was the best decision of my life.

In the last 7 years I have been able to travel the world, make a big difference in people's lives, start a couple very exciting businesses, spend a lot of time with my family and friends, make enough money to feel totally abundant and rich in living a lifestyle I only thought I could have if I had achieved a large level of success first. Nothing needed to happen other than making a choice, one that I want to give you right now.

This lifestyle I'm now living started with my bucket list. The very act of sitting down and spending time on writing out all the things I'd like to experience, from travel, to adventure, to contribution, to relationships, to my purpose was all that was needed to activate a very powerful and attractive energy in my life.

I'd like to teach you this lifestyle and the ups and downs of what I learned along the way to living the extraordinary life I'm living now. This is the purpose of this event. I, along with other personal growth experts will teach you some very specific ideas that you can start implementing right there at the event and then go home ready to start attracting and living your dream life.

Look through this site and feel it out. I can promise you that attending will change your life forever.

What you'll learn
10 Powerful topics taught at each event

In this workshop you will be introduced to personal development experts teaching you some very powerful messages that all relate back to and support you in living your list. The topics below are taught in a variety of ways: talks, breakout sessions and panel discussions. With each teaching you'll be taken through an integration process and implementation of your dream life using the Live Your List planner and guidance from your host Robert Evans. Check out the topics below:

How to Capture and Connect with a Powerful Bucket List

It all starts here... the inspiration, the energy, the activation... but did you know a list is more than advneture and travel. It's a capturing, in list form, of your dream life. This alone is powerful!

Learn Manifesting Principles That Accelerate Success

No matter what you call it or how you activate it, the process of living your list is a manifesting process. However, you can accelerate your experiences by knowing and following a particular process.

The Power and Impact
of Your Beliefs

You can take massive action towards an item on your list, or goal, and still get blocked by your beliefs. What you feel, think and say are all critical to attracting your dream life so make sure you have done belief work.

How to Make Travel a BIG Part of Your Life

Travel is the #1 item on people's bucket list but not everyone makes that dream a reality. What if there were specific strategies for making travel a big part of your life? This teaching will give you such strategies.

Creating a Lifestyle Business or Working Remotely

What if you could have a business that was created specifically to provide the kind of lifestyle you desire? Or you have a job and there was a way to travel and experience your list while working remotely? Here you will lean how.

Living a Purpose and Mission Driven Life w/ Contribution

Write and publish books that stand out from the crowd and not only inspire people to explore your message further but also share it with people they know.

Creating a LYL Vision Board

Having a list that sits out of site is not as powerful as turning that list into a vision board that you connect with each and every day. Here you'll learn some unique vision board creating strategies.

Stepping Into Your BIGness!

Most of us play small. Our past, our beliefs, our family, our conditions play a huge role in the smallness of our thoughts and actions. Not anymore. Here you'll learn from Trevor Thomas a master of learning how to step into your BIGness.

Living Your List on a Budget

Ignore the YouTube videos, celebrities, Instagram stars and the way they present their lifestyles. For 99% of people that way approach to living your list is unnecessary. You can live a great life and do it with little financial resources. Here you'll learn creative ways!

Experience NatureMinding™

Part of integrating the teachings from this event is through a process of masterminding with yourself and others in Nature. Depending on location there will be an outdoor experience to teach you this amazing technique so you can have it as a tool to bring forth any desire you wish in life.

In-App Content you get after the event

There is only so much time in the day to teach you all the messages we want you to have to help you live your dream life... plus we know a lot of extraordinary teachers who can't always teach at our event.

This is why we are adding bonus trainings to the Live Your List App, which you get access to at the end of the event so you continue your inspiration on the go or at home.

The LYL Lifestyle Ticket Package
What Comes with Every ticket to the workshop...

The cost for this workshop is only $199 for the entire day and includes ongoing support and trainings through the app. Each person who attend live will get extra bonuses including the beautiful Live Your List Planner.

The Live Your List Planner and Event Workbook

A $500 Value! - You will receive a FULL profile account in the community app that best fits your business. PDA is for Personal Development experts, Natural Living is for health professionals and Expert Insights is for all other business experts. With this account you can apply what you learn from this event and start leveraging the mobile app space.

Special Access Membership in the LYL Mobile App

As mentioned before you will get a special account to the Live Your List Mobile app, which will be your daily inspiration and resource for staying focused and supported in your new lifestyle. Each month we add new trainings and content from experts in all areas of extraordinary living. This is your chance to leave an event and stay connected and focused on what you created at the event.

Live Your List Tracka'Books & Tracka'Cards

There is nothing like the feeling of inspiring other people to live extraordinary lives. In fact, a truly fulfilling life list can't exist without positive influence in other people's lives. The Live Your List Trackabook, which you'll get 10 copies of, is a great way to share this lifestyle with others and then watch as each of those books travel from one person to the next (they are sharable and trackable!). Same with the cards (you'll get 200 cards) but easier and designed to touch random people's lives.

Our LYL Lifestyle Teachers
Who teaches you what and at what events...

I'm putting together an amazing lineup of inspiring teachers and experts to give you the most powerful workshop experience ever. As these leaders are being added to the event, or as contributors to the app membership, we will add them below.

Robert Evans
Event Host - Live Your List

Teaching the LYL Lifestyle

All Locations

Trevor Thomas
The Journey Onward

Stepping Into Your BIGness!

All Locations

Travis Richardson
Onfire Marketing

Creating a Lifestyle Business

Most Locations

Jasmine Chomski
The Mindful Rebel

Manifesting Your Dream Life

San Diego & Toronto

More Experts Being Listed Soon

LYL LIfestyle Workshop Locations
Now moving online!

Due to the limits of travel we are planning on offering our new online workshop via online technologies and our new mobile app being re-published in early 2021. Dates of these events will be posted soon.


Attend any of these events virtually (watch online or through the LYL app). Includes talks, trainings, breakout sessions and Panel discussion. Does not include opportunity to interact with the experts.

Contact us with questions

Teach at an Live Your List Event!
We are looking for experts who can teach & train at our Events

Each of the AMPx Events will feature experts teaching in topics described on the "Topics" page. Since we are rolling out these events all over the US and Canada and we have up to 10 experts teaching at each event, there is a need for new experts to fill open teaching spots.

There are obvious benefits to teaching at an event, the biggest being exposed to new clients and having the opportunity to present your products and programs to them.

Rather than going the traditional model of "pay to teach" like most event companies offer, also called "sponsorships," we have made it a very easy and ultimately low cost or NO cost opportunity.

Can you teach on one of these topics?